Community Action

Round table is not just about having fun. We also raise money during the year and contribute a little time and effort to local community events and causes.

Royston Round Table is always open to approaches from local good causes that may need some funding or even time to help with projects.

Royston Young Person of the Year
YOPEYWinnersOur Round Table is proud to have been able to sponsor and help to establish the concept of “YOPEY”, a wonderful way of recognizing the good in our younger generations. The event recognises the good work and effort young people put into the community in so many different ways.

The YOPEY concept was developed with one of our Tablers who is now working hard to roll the concept out nationwide through his marketing company. If you are interested in knowing more about YOPEY in your own area please contact Tony directly via his web site.

YOPEYWinnerWe hope YOPEY will grow and establish itself in many other towns and cities proving that the small things an individual Round Table can do grow and blossom into much larger movements with a life of their own.