Royston – Garden Walk – Saturday 12th December 2020

Run Starts at 6pm

Live Santa tracker:

Bannister Gardens – Maple Way – Lime Grove – Cherry Drive – Melbourn Road – Garden Walk – Perry Drive – Mortimer Rd – Garden Walk – Hawthorn Way – Field Crescent – Newman Ave – Dacre Green – Icknield Walk (S) – Newmarket Rd – Icknield Walk – The Close – Elm Walk – Icknield Walk (N) – Garden Close – Poplar Drive – Wheatfield Crescent – Woodlands – Honey Way.

Please note that due to current restrictions:
We will not be collecting
We will not make any stops
Please respect social distancing, wave from you window or doorstep and avoid any gathering outside

This year we are fundraising only via JustGiving- please do donate if you can at

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