What We Do

So what is it all about?
Each member gets something different out of Round Table so it is a bit difficult to describe “what it is” exactly because it is slightly different for everyone. Our broad range of activities are entertaining, relaxing, sporting, challenging, team building and they also contribute to the community. As well as being a great social outlet, we find it’s an excellent antidote to the stresses of modern day living and the pressures of work, Round Table works because each club is a really good group of friends.

We all come from different backgrounds representing diverse professions and industries such as diverse as retail, IT, law, self-employed businessmen and construction.

What it is.

  • Fun
    First and foremost it must be great fun with some good friends and an organisation we’re all proud to belong to. If it isn’t we change what we do until it is.
  • Local
    Most of what we get up to takes place in or around Royston, every other Thursday evening. But we also get together at weekends and other times, often with our partners and families who seem to love the opportunities that Round Table also gives them.
  • Open to Young Men
    Its a family friendly social organisation that’s open to young men aged 18 to 45, if you want to get involved just ask us.
  • A great way to do something for our community
    This is just as relevant to todays society as it was 75 years ago when the first few Round Tables were founded – possibly even more so.
  • It allows us to try activities we would never think of or be able to do alone.
    We have a programme of all sorts of fun (and sometimes challenging) events and activities during the year – we try to do something different every fortnight. We don’t always do something adventurous but in my time in Table I’ve been paint-balling, jet-skiing, scuba diving, fishing, sailing, walking, rifle and shotgun shooting, played golf, eaten the odd curry or three and chopped down a 60ft Christmas tree – to mention a small selection.
  • A way to expand horizons
    The very fact that we try things we wouldn’t otherwise do and help to organise the running of the Table itself allows opportunities to try doing things you’ve never had a go at.
  • It is a catalyst to becoming part of the community
    Rather than just living in the area. A few years ago when I first joined Table during the winter we got snowed in and I walked to the paper shop in the village, en-route I met several people I knew – not one of them was in Table but if I hadn’t been a member I wouldn’t have know any of them – we would have just walked past one another in the street. I really felt I was part of the community rather than just owning a house in the village – sometimes it’s the small things that count.

But it isn’t.

  • A networking club
    This is not a networking club for business men (or a selling opportunity), if that’s what you want this is not for you.
  • A drinking club
    We all like a pint as much as the next man as part of a fun evening – but we don’t get together to “drink”.
  • A dining club
    Although we do quite often have something to eat as part of the evening it certainly isn’t the purpose of getting together.
  • A fund-raising organisation
    Although we do raise some money the prime reason for this is to contribute to the local community, Round Table does not exist to raise funds.
  • Too time consuming
    We meet one evening, once a fortnight with occasional other activities – and it’s a good night out when we do meet up. Just think how much time you spend watching TV. We just chose how to spend that evening once a fortnight.
  • Old fashioned
    Round Table does have seventy five years of traditions but this is a strength not a weakness. We take what has worked in the past and improve it for the future – it is what we make it.